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          About Our Firm

          Nanjing Donan Law Firm is a partnership enterprise jointly established in 1992 with Southeast University (China) according to "The Lawyer's Law of the People's Republic of China". It has steadily grown to become one of the most respected law firms in Jiangsu Province, China. It is located on 82 North Yunnan Road, Nanjing, China. FAX: 86-25-3355016 .

          I. Service Tenet: We serve our clients with competent representation, efficient, cost-conscious approach to legal expenses and timely responses to their needs. We have achieved and strive to keep our clients' loyalty.

          II. Subordinate Departments: Overseas Investment Section, Construction Projects Section. Credit Investigation Section, Real Estate Section, Finance Section, Intellectual Property Section, International Trade Section, Civil and Criminal Litigation Section and the Administration Office.

          III. Personage Composition: Our firm's attorneys are mostly young and middle-aged Master's or Doctor's degree holders good at foreign languages, domestic laws, international laws (treaties) and with considerable professional experience. Many attorneys are accomplished graduates of leading law schools, including China University of Political Science and Law, Law School of Nanjing University, East China University of Political Science & Law and Southwest University of Political Science & Law. The chief attorney, Mr. Feng Songlin is one of the "Top Ten Attorneys of Nanjing". Our firm has invited distinguished professors and senior engineers from Southeast University, Nanjing University, Hohai University and Nanjing University of Science & Technology as our consultants in the fields of science, technology and engineering, which forms specialized service and configured specialized teams integrating juristic talents and senior consultants.

           IV. Practice Areas
          1. Construction Projects and Item Investments. We offer general counsel and representation to our clients for such transportation facilities as roads, bridges, dikes, water gates, airports, railroads, harbors and docks etc., such communication facilities as satellite communication systems, mobile communication and telephone and such environmental protection facilities as fuels, gases, power plants and nuclear power plants. We serve as counsels to project companies (BOT projects), in reviewing and preparing various contracts for exploration, design, construction, material and equipment purchasing, supervision of facility installation. We also represent clients in vicegerent items transferring, litigation, arbitration and conciliation of disputes.. 

          2. Real Estate. We represent owners, lenders, investors, developers, architects, banks, brokers and insurance companies in planning, zoning, developing, insuring, financing, selling, purchasing and renting a broad range of real estate projects. We provide clients with representation in the transfer and auction of landed estates, mortgage loan, rent, donation, trusteeship, compensation for relocation, property right procedures, litigation and arbitration.

          3.Land Use. We represent clients in the transfer, auction, and mortgage of usufruct of lands. Our attorneys assist clients with drafting and reviewing land rent contracts and contracts of administration of land, forest, and shallows.
          4.Business and Companies. Our firm provides representation to jointly invested, individually invested and collaborative enterprises, project companies and privately owned enterprises regarding obtaining licenses and permits, registration, merging, acquisition, reorganization, restructuring, stock right transfer, bankruptcy and various arbitration and litigation thereof.
          5. Finance. We have experienced professionals to assist clients in resolving financial disputes involving loans, mortgage, guaranty, stocks, bonds and debts. Our attorneys also serve as general counsel to banks and consortiums and propose preventive measures in response to increasing and potential lender liability risks.
          6. Commodity Sales, Purchase and Transportation. We assist clients with preparing and reviewing contracts for sales, purchase, transportation, safekeeping and processing of commodities.
          7. Intellectual Property. We offer proficient representation in application, protection and litigation of patent and trademark as well as trade secrets, copyrights and other proprietary rights. We also prosecute and defend litigation involving computer systems, software and services.
          8. Construction Projects. We provide representation to clients in various construction projects during the process of initiating, planning, investigating, designing, negotiating, inviting to tender, bidding, contracting, construction, accepting, installation, property management and selling and leasing of commodities as well as in litigation, conciliating and arbitration thereof.

          9. International Civil and Commercial Disputes. We represent clients of various nationalities in litigation and arbitration of various civil and commercial disputes including international trade, international investment, international finance, international projects and international intellectual property.
          10. Litigation. A Substantial part of our firm's practice areas is litigation and other means of dispute resolution. Our trial lawyers serve clients both at home and abroad in all levels of trials and appeals involving various disputes, including civil and criminal litigation, administrative litigation and criminal vindication, which has helped to establish our wide reputation. We also represent clients in issuing legal statements, and written legal pinions.

          V. Remarkable Achievements

          1. The firm has served as general counsel to the following enterprises and institutions: Nanjing Olympic Stadium, China Unicom Jiangsu Company, Jiangsu Provincial Transportation Department(Seaman), Jiangsu Oil Product Co., East China Fundamental Exploration Co., Sujin Real Estate Co., Yiyuan Real Estate Co., Tonyi Real Estate Co., Baijia Lake Real Estate Co., the Mingchen Project of Tongxi, Yuanda Real Estate Co., Dongyu Real Estate Co. Jiangsu Construction Mechanics Factory, Jiangsu Shuanglou Construction Project Co., The 9th Sub-company of Nanjing 6th Construction Co., Jiangsu Mid-term Co., Dazhong Insurance Co., Dahe Co., Ningzhi Co., Jiafulin Co., Informatics Jiangsu College…
          2.Litigation. Our resourceful trial attorneys have ever represented clients in defense or prosecution in the following cases:
          1) Real estate and construction project cases: Guangsha Co. vs. Jiangsu Provincial Publishing Bureau regarding the construction project of Yunhu Mansion; Dongyu Mansion involved in house renting disputes; investment dispute involving Jiangsu Provincial Department of Transportation (Seaman); the graveyard investment dispute case of foreign merchant Peipei Gao; the project fund disputing case of Jiangdu Construction General Co.; the Fourth Construction Co. of Tongzhou vs. Baijia Lake Co.; the project disputing case of the Third Construction Co. of Yangzhou; the foundation excavating dispute case of Jianghang Mansion; the engagement dispute case of Guangsha Co.; the house trading dispute case of Jiangsu Construction Machinery Factory; the Tianfu Park vs. Guangsha Co. on relocation compensation…
          2) Financial Cases: the first futures case of China--the management dispute case of Nanjing Jinzhongfu Futures; the group action case of futures management dispute of Leshan, Sichuan; the group action case of futures management dispute of Chengdu, Sichuan; the group action case of futures management dispute of Jinli, Guangdong; the claim settling dispute case of Nanjing Dazhong Insurance Co.; the loan dispute case of CAB Jiangsu Branch; the loan disputing case of Nanjing Chemical and Light Industry Co.; the loan disputing case of Guangsha Co...
          3) Sales of Goods: Shengfeng Co. counterclaiming Yizhijie Co.(Hong Kong) on the antenna export; Jiangsu Agricultural Capital Group vs. the Petroleum Import/Export Co. of China on coarse rape oil…
          4) Intellectual Property Cases: the patent encroachment case of Jiangyin Pressure-Sensitive Glue Factory; the patent encroachment case of solar energy water heaters; the quality dispute case against Feiyuan Co. about the quality of the TV play "Taxi Robbery Case"; the case against Jinsu Real Estate Co. concerning the trade of elevator facilities...
          5) Criminal Vindication: in defense of Lei Tang et al for innocence; in defense of Zhongjun Liu et al for innocence; in defense of Guoshen Chen et al for innocence; in defense of criminal gang of Xiandong Chen et al; in defense of Sheng Guan embezzling 1.6 billion yuan of fund for stock speculation; the debt dispute case of Yunfeng Zhang against Minliang Wang, representing Wang Haihua, the victim nursery maid, in prosecution against her torturing hostess; in defense of Xu Kui, the suspected murderer; in defense of suspected smugglers in the sedan smuggling case of Siyang, Jiangsu Province...
          6) We have also represented clients in numerous cases involving economic and administrative disputes and environmental protection, which go beyond the limit of the cyberspace.
          3. Non-Litigation Cases
          Drafting and reviewing contracts for Nanjing Olympic Stadium, China Unicom Jiangsu Company involving introduction of GSM cellular mobile communication equipment from MOTOROLA with a value of 1,500 million U.S, dollars; Preparing unified and standard contracts for China Unicom to establish and manage base stations in Jiangsu Province; Participating in the feasibility studies of the BOT project of Changshu Power Plant; Participating in resolution of legal disputes in the construction of Nanjing-Nantong Highway; representation in planning, zoning, development of Tianfuhua residential area; representation in the merging of Nanjing Liquefied Petroleum Gas Co. with Paoli Petroleum Liquefied Gas Co.; representing Changyang Mansion in sale of offices to American Chinese; representation in the development of Xicheng Garden by Nanjing Tongxi Real Estate Co. ...